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About us

La Fortuna is our family business.  We are Jen, Scott and Evie Lynch.  We created this business to allow us to pursue our passions: cooking, local foods, and lifelong learning.

We designed most of our own equipment. We have great respect for food and what it takes to produce it. That's why we cultivate relationships with food producers, and we maintain those relationships face-to-face whenever we can.

We are fully licensed and insured for your protection.

We have consulted on wood-fired cooking for other retaurants and we serve on the Safe Food Advisory Committee of the Madison/Dane County Department of Public Health.

For clients who want to bring the incredible experience of wood-fired cooking into their homes, we are authorized sales agents for Forno Bravo Ovens.

Our approach to food and business have been featured in both local and statewide media.

Sometimes a client makes a fun home movie too!

photo by Elizabeth Haase Photography

The Name

We got our name because years ago, Jen had a dream about food. The dream was so vivid  that when she woke and realized that it was not real, she cried. To be fair, we had a new baby in the house, there may have been some sleep deprivation. In her dream, the food came from a bakery called La Fortuna.

Some time later, Scott did a bit of sneaking around and surprised her with breakfast in bed—the very food from the dream! This was a lesson in the power of serving the right food in the right context.

When we decided to go into business sharing our love of wood-fired pizza with the community, there was no question that it would be called La Fortuna. It is, after all, the food of your dreams.

We live in a time of celebrity chefs and ever more pretentious talk about food, but that's not our game. We just want to come to your party and make you some great pizza so you and your friends, family, or colleagues can have a great time. We'll get to know each other, and hopefully we'll all learn a bit from one another.