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How Does This Work?

We arrive at your party location approximately one hour before you want pizza service to start.  We magically unpack our truck and trailer and set up a pizzeria just for you.

At your party we will have a menu of 5-6 pizzas posted. 

Guests will come up to our tent and order their pizza from the menu.  Pizzas only take about 90 seconds to cook so by the time our charming banter with guests concludes, they are holding their piping hot, individual pizza.

We can serve around 90 pizzas per hour.  The first person to order and the last person to order both get fresh, hot food.

Our services are not right for events where everyone needs to eat at the same time.

Our services are perfect for casual, intimate events when you want people to mingle and have a great time.

Our service windows are based on the number of people expected at your event and the type of event.
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Especially for Weddings

We do more wedding-related events that any other type of party.  For most weddings, 150 guests is about the upper limit.  The best use of our services is for a casual event where guests eat when they want, rather than by pre-arranged group or assigned table.

We ask all prospective wedding clients to discuss their plans with as as specifically as possible to ensure that our service is a good fit for the event.

Interested in learning more? Drop us an email.
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