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Host your own wood-fired pizza party any time you want with a Forno Bravo oven of your own.

La Fortuna continues to be an authorized sales agent for Forno Bravo ovens, the same type that powers our pizza trailer.

Forno Bravo ovens are made in California with cutting-edge refractory materials to minimize heat-up time and maximize longevity and performance. What that means for you is less hassle and more fun cooking delicious food.

When you work with La Fortuna to purchase a Forno Bravo oven, you get our expert advice on oven selection as well as responsive support as you learn to use your incredible new tool. We'll also oversee the shipping and delivery process and, in the event that there is a need to file a damage claim (which to date has never happened) we'll take care of that, too.

Assembled ovens are put together when they arrive—you simply have to cure them with a series of low fires (easy, but we'll help you through it) and then you're ready to get cooking. There are a variety of models available, you can view them all at the Forno Bravo website.  Here are a few of our favorites (prices current as of January, 2018):

Andiamo 70 from $3,050

Truly all-in-one, this 28” diameter oven is our all-time best seller. Includes a stand with wheels, and an enameled steel enclosure. The shortest distance between you and your dream of making wood-fired pizza in your own backyard.

Toscana from $3,750

More massive components give these ovens a bit more versatility—better heat retention than Andiamo makes them better for roasting and bread baking. A variety of sizes and styles are available from not so big to OMG - hearth diameters range from 32"-44". They require a stand, which can be purchased through Forno Bravo, or built on-site by you or a contractor.

Modular pizza oven kits from $2,350

Forno Bravo kits supply you with all the “guts of the oven—the floor, dome, chimney, and insulation. You'll assemble them on site and finish off however you like. That might be tile, stucco, stone, or whatever other inspiration strikes you. Check out the gallery at Forno Bravo for ideas. Full instructions are included, of course. The finished product can be basic or deluxe. If you're handy and enjoy an interesting physical project, you can do it yourself, or you can hire a masonry contractor to do it for you.  These have the same internal workings as the Toscana ovens above and come in the same sizes.  The Tosacana series offers the convenience of ready-made construction.  The modular oven kits allow you to customize your oven to suit you individual needs or style.