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Signature Menu

A La Fortuna menu typically consists of 4-6 selections.  Following are our signature pizzas that form the backbone of every menu.  This selection can be supplemented with a seasonal option suggested by us and approved by you.

Classic - Our cheese pizza with tomato sauce and house blend cheese is classic for a reason.

Bavarian - La Fortuna's take on the pepperoni pizza - topped with local craft-made salami.

Argyle - A classic sausage pizza with a peppery kick.  Sure to please a traditionalist.

Bianca - A rich and creamy white pizza with strong rosemary perfume.

Viola - Special tomato sauce with deep garlic and oregano flavor.  Easily adapted for vegans.
Salad and Desserts

We offer salad and dessert service for groups under 100 people.  Salads are served family style, and are a simple complement to our pizza.

Our desserts are limited only by your imagination.
Caprese salad is available during tomato season.
Special Dietary Needs

Our pizza selections are easily adapted to vegetarian and vegan.  For more information about gluten-free options, please see our FAQs.
photo by Elizabeth Haase Photography